The Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are currently seeking people in the Greater Omaha Area who are passionate about music, visual arts, and performing arts to join our board and help us fulfill our mission to elevate Omaha’s legendary and up-and-coming artists and organize an annual awards show to recognize their contributions.

Please send your resume and cover letter by April 1st to to be considered. New board members will be announced in early April.

Board Member Expectations

  • Review bylaws
  • Attend 75% of meetings either by phone or in person (9 out of 12)
  • Join at least one committee
  • Make at least one gift of personal significance a year (Omaha Gives)
  • Represent the OEAAs in a positive light
  • Promote OEAA events
  • Leverage network or personal relationships to help build the Board, contribute to fundraising, or improve the organization

Committee Expectations

Committees are responsible for meeting or communicating separately from the monthly BOD meetings and reporting progress back to the Board. Committees include Marketing, Fundraising, Summer Showcase, Nominee Reveal, Nominee Mixer/Showcase and the Awards Show. Each committee shall be led by a Chair.

Event Committees are responsible for planning their event in its entirety including:

  • Marketing (social media, emails, press releases, and website updates). The committee must provide an outline of what needs to be promoted in addition to a schedule to the marketing committee to develop.
  • Fundraising: work with fundraising committee to develop a budget and projected income.
  • Make event checklist and assign tasks and due dates
  • Follow checklist and report progress back to board